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October 13, 2012
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Tick Tock, Doomsday Clock by c-t-elder Tick Tock, Doomsday Clock by c-t-elder
When I was working for ZodiaCon, one thing that really, really bugged me was having all those ideas about characters and their vanilla themes and knowing I won't be able to use them until years later (literally). My computer and numerous sketchbooks are littered with sketches, unfinished paintings, character bios, relations and detailed stuff/gear/anatomy breakdowns and there's so many of them I'm actually scared shitless how fast these guys came to their own life and quite well into dictating mine.

And when I was putting together stuff for my book (where the ZC designs take their own chapter), I found this little gem. I always had a special soft spot for Norbert, the patron of the Libra sign. Not because we'd share a sign, but because I have a knack for rats and his character is the kind of guy I'd love to know in person.
He has a knack for gallows humor and is quite snarky, but can't get his act straight when the push comes to shove and a job has to be done. He's obssessed with precision (he's a Libra, hello...?) and therefore, his sigil is the antique pocketwatch he keeps carrying with him in every era. He's also known to get annoyed by incredibly lame puns on rats, time and plague carrying.

I'd kill for having him as a plush toy. Or a statue. Because there seriously isn't enough love for anthropomorphic rats.

By the way, the background was a serious pain in the neck. I'm never painting anything so angular ever again. Or at least in the next few weeks.

Edit: Also, being a popular question "Why do you have a(n ugly) rat as a patron for the Libra", the answer is "Because a) when it comes to balance, there's few animals better than rats and b) rats are just that awesome". Nuff said.

Edit 2: And a few weeks later, Semper Fi was born out of the ashes and this guy became a permanent team member.

More on the comic & characters here: :iconsemperficomics:
Norbert's dossier file:…
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Sejuay Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is quite awesome and dynamic!
c-t-elder Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! Rats are naturally flowy, helps with dynamics a lot!
ThePaintArtist Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Amazing! Libra is my sign, he looks really sweet! Not ugly!
c-t-elder Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
He's a great guy. Pragmatic, no-nonsense, with dry and ironic sense of humor. Just a lot of people shun rats.
MoonsongWolf Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
Aw, he's not ugly! Then again, perhaps I am a bit biased. I think that rats are beautiful. And I just LOVE his colours and his take-charge expression. What a cool character! :)
c-t-elder Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Of course they are! I used to be a rat keeper, my best childhood friend was Old Jim, a three pound giant rat. :D
Norbert is designed a lot after him. But to be frank, I also remembered Jeckle when I was putting him together ;)
Erikku-Kun Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome piece :D Great detail :D
c-t-elder Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you. Originally, it had far less detail, but I sort of ended up overdoing it without actually knowing about it.
Erikku-Kun Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see but it looks good ^_^
rebelwolfchris Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
Hell yeah they are awesome like the attitude you can see in him from this picture! Wicked stuff :D
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