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First of all, an apology to all those who'd got used to my company for growing silent and unresponsive via most channels. Same apology goes to anyone who tried to ask something of me during the weeks and months of my silence - rest assured you weren't overlooked by arrogance or whim, but merely my lack of capacity (in many departments). I'm sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused.

This may come as a wee bit of bitter irony to those who noticed I could have been dead for the past year-and-a-something and naught would have changed, but I feel some things need to be said in order to explain my absence and further plans to those curious enough to sit through a bit of weak mewling. If (understandably) not, feel free to hop over to the last paragraph for technical information. Now for the wall of text.

The past twelve months sped by without having the bloody courtesy to even bring me breakfast, yet in hindsight, it feels like whatever happened last year was ages ago. Clichéd, and somewhat tongue-in-cheek considering the name I took up twelve years ago, I feel old. I've aged five years during the few months' time. And as many old things, I just want to crawl in a corner and be left alone, either to not be a burden to those I love, or to just have a minute to breathe and try to forget the rest of the world around me.

I've changed, pun notwithstanding, for better or worse. It's been quite the humbling experience, to be honest, and it made me rethink my approach to both life and other people. I've grown sadder and reclusive, some people say. Calmer and stabler, say the others. Unpleasant and unpredictable, I hear quite a few. Whatever the case is, or even all of it, I'm still sort of coping with that new me.

I'm not confident to promise anything any more, since every time I do, life steps in and makes me regret it. I've had that issue for quite a while, but it seems to have gotten somehow worse. Literally every time I made some sort of a plan last year, and started working to see it done, something stepped in and cut it short. When I learned to deflect punches to the face, I got knife to the ribs instead, so I'm now a bit paranoid what comes if I decide to deflect that as well. Every time something happened, I told myself to stop whining about it and just forge through, but I found out the hard way my coal reserves are definitely not endless.

Which calls the situation what is is - fatigue. It's not like last year was tragedy upon tragedy or that I have the right to complain. I have a roof over my head. I'm alive. I'm able to help those I care about. But every other thing was draining somehow, and I found myself to suddenly lack the reserves to replenish that lost energy.

Despite what it may have looked like, I wasn't sitting idly the past months. I merely acted that way, because precious few things of the many I started I was able to bring to somewhat lackluster completion, and the few that are close to the completed stage, I guard with the fervor of a parent clinging to their last still living children.

It's a paradox I find annoying. I finally managed to get my art to a degree when I can look at my sketches and actually be proud of myself in a way. I finally developed a consistent style. My women finally look like women. My facial expressions improved and faces have grown symmetrical. Hell, I even know how to draw people. But I wasn't able to turn any of said good things into any good results to back against.

Anyways, before this grows even more melodramatic, the tech information that was promised is as follows: I'm most likely attending ČeSFuR, sitting around the Dealer's Den. I should have some new prints on offer, including last year's artshow exclusives. EuroFurence is far away yet. I've signed up for it, I have a table at Dealer's Den and panel at the Art show, but I'm not able to say what will be on offer there. I want to get the comic done, but it's most likely not happening on time. All I can promise in that regard is that I'll make the attempt. I also found some old commissions lying around my drawers, so if I owe you anything, just yell my way (via the mail -, please, my local inbox is a bit crowded), I'll make sure to dig it up, upgrade it to compensate for the delay and either send it via snailmail or bring it to the abovementioned convention of choice.

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